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Are you looking for a new car? Are you ready to find your dream car? Here are some very important tips when test driving a car. Test drives are a game with rule. Follow these suggestions to find the best new car from a short list of top contenders (3-4 different cars).

Make sure you are fully insured in case something happens during the test drive.
Check the outside of the car. Look for discrepancies. Are the tires even on tread? Is the paint even across the car? Look at the engine. Look for corrosion on the battery and sludge build up in the oil cap. Check hoses and belts.
Only test drive cars that you are looking for. Don’t drive a nicer model when you know you can only afford a certain car or something comparable.
Make sure you ask what the standard features are and what is optional.
When test driving only drive on roads you know. Make sure your test drive is at least 30 minutes long. A strange car on strange roads will feel strange. Drive on roads you are comfortable with so you are able to test the car and not be worried about where you’re going. Assess the car and drive on a variety of surfaces.
Drive it home. Make sure it fits in the garage.
Your new car needs to fit your lifestyle. Load car seats, strollers and any other gear you might want to transport on a daily basis. The car you purchase needs to accommodate all you need it to. Does the car have versatility?
Check out the bells and whistles. Test the toys in the car. Get comfortable in the car. Adjust seats and mirrors to fit you. Try the blue tooth and voice recognition. Test the seat warmers. Look for the USB plug ins. Check the back up camera. Test all the lights. Look at the dash lights.
During the test drive be a passenger. Get in the back seat. Asses the ride quality.
Check the fuel consumption. Reset the trip meter to test the true fuel consumption based on how you drive.
After each test drive jot down pros and cons and notes about the car your drove.

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