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Two things happened on my 28th birthday: I bought a car, and I got a raise. How does a 28 year old get so lucky in one day you might ask? I purchased a functional, fuel-efficient GMC Terrain that saves me money and helps my mobile business thrive. This article explains the 6 features that can make you more productive on the road.


I’m a mobile personal trainer in a big city. I travel between 50-100 miles per day to my client’s homes for workout sessions. Goodbye to the days that I poured my bank account into my gas tank of my big SUV. The Terrain gets more miles per gallon. I’ve lowered my travel expenses, and less time at the pump means more money in my pockets.


I have a mobile gym in the back of my car and I don’t need a big SUV to accommodate all of my equipment. I’m able to store weights, yoga mats, and other exercise tools with convenient side storage for towels and cleaning supplies. The power lift gate is super handy since my own garage is low. I never have to worry about the door popping up quickly or getting damaged when I’m constantly using it at all my stops.


Safety and productivity to the max! Being completely hands free allows you to listen to your podcasts, music, call your friends, text your mom, all without picking up your device. The nice lady in your speakers (Does she have a name? Is she related to Siri? I don’t know) will make phone calls with voice commands and pretty much do anything she’s told. Long drives and time in traffic will never be wasted.

Heated Seats

This is everything. It’s especially nice after a training session outdoors in the cooler weather. Three different settings make it adjustable to toast your buns to your liking. If you drive a client to lunch, you can even share the warmth on your passenger seat.

Rear Vision Camera

I pull in and out of client driveways and parallel park downtown on busy streets. The camera helps me park and maneuver out of tight spaces, hills, and parking lots. You can also dodge any incidents with bicycles and basketballs that may be left out… Parents, this is for you!

Auto Start

As I’m finishing up a session, you can bet my car is started and ready to get me to my next stop. You will love having the temperature comfortable, the seats adjusted, and everything ready before you start your drive.

Lane Departure Alert

Living in the heart of the Texas Hill Country can get tricky. Not only do the allergies make my head spin, but driving on steep hills and windy roads can have the same effect. I have more peace of mind driving in traffic and arriving safely during those dark, early morning workouts.


Owning a mobile business can get expensive, time consuming, and risky. The Terrain saves me time and money at the pump, provides plenty of space for my equipment, is safe and luxurious and gets me to multiple destinations every day to service my clients. I like to think I’m pretty good at what I do, but I owe much of my success to the amazing features of my GMC Terrain!

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