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Are you in your vehicle as many hours as you are in your own bed?
General Motors has got you covered with these must-have features for moms like you!
Remote Start

Let’s start inside your house. It’s a cold morning and you can use your remote start or myChevrolet app to get your vehicle warming up to take the kids to school.
Memory Seat Features

You jump in the car and can’t reach the gas pedal because your six-foot + husband was using your car yesterday. Don’t spend minutes resetting seats, mirrors, etc. to the perfect position. With memory features, you can press a button and return to your optimal driving structure.
Seat Warmers

Car still not warm enough for you? Engage the seat warmers with a press of the button. Hint to our stressed-out moms: Put the seat warmer on high and it will melt some of your tension away.

Climate Control
Many new models have multiple climate control areas so you’re able to adjust temperatures depending on where you are sitting. No longer does mom have to suffer a hot flash for the sake of the kids!
Rear Seat Reminder

No one thinks this will ever happen but far too often it does.

Apple CarPlay is a great new feature. It allows you to use voice commands to talk, text, listen to music and use maps to get directions. The large screen for you to use while driving is great. Everything is easily readable.

Another important feature is the rear seat DVD player. Headrest DVD Entertainment centers are lifesavers. It is possible to watch different movies on each player. This is great for long trips or even for families who do some schooling in the car. My kiddos have done foreign language videos as well as history videos. Another electronic perk is that there are multiple power outlets for kids to charge their devices and or listen to their own music. I also enjoy the feature that allows that lowers the volume of the music as you begin to slow down for traffic or a stop signal.

The conversation mirror is great for talking with little ones in the back seat. I like being able to see their faces without having to glance back.

Cargo Space

The cargo space is amazing. In some of the SUV’s the back row(s) can be lowered with the touch of a button allowing you to maximize your cargo space. The powered lift gate is another must have. Grocery store trips are made easy with the touch of a button on your remote. Some models offer a sensor under the rear bumper so that the door will open with the motion of your foot.

Take a few minutes to check out all the features your SUV offers. Must haves for moms make life just a bit easier as we juggle our daily activities.
Check out these You Tube videos for a demonstration of some of these great features.

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